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Port Saint Lucie Wind Mitigation Inspections

Treasure Coast Home Inspection offers fast, accurate and reliable wind mitigation inspection reports. For homeowners that are purchasing or have purchased windstorm insurance, you can now save on your windstorm insurance premium by hiring a wind mitigation inspector to determine your home's vulnerability in the event of a wind storm such as a hurricane or tornado.

Florida Wind Mitigation Discounts

By providing a wind mitigation report, this will show your insurance company that your home's risk is below average and thus your premium may be less than if you did not provide a wind mitigation inspection report. A qualified home inspector, such as Robert from Treasure Coast Home Inspection, is available to provide a full inspection and help save lots of money on your windstorm insurance.

Wind Mitigation Inspection Port St Lucie

Wind Mitigation Inspection

Some things that we look for that will help determine your home's resistance to windstorms are, roof covering, doors, roof-to-wall connections, roof shape, protection of openings, secondary water resistance, gable end bracing and roof deck attachment. A positive report will save you substantially and insurance companies may send you a refund for a large portion of your premium. In most cases, the cost of the wind mitigation inspection by-far offsets the savings you'll receive from your insurance broker. By performing a quick inspection, your savings could amount up to 85% of your current policy premium.

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